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Davis Law Office         Tokyo & Toronto


Corporate investor legal support in North America and Japan.

Our goal is to provide the best professional service to our clients. 

We work with legal and accounting professionals in English or Japanese for clients investing in Japan, Canada and other foreign countries.




We are pleased to announce that we have registered our alliance with Miyake, Ushijima & Imamura Law Firm as a foreign law joint enterprise in Japan from November, 2017. We are now able to provide more comprehensive support to our clients with Japan–related business matters.

当事務所は、2017年11月より、三宅・牛嶋・今村法律事務所 と事務所を共にする外国法共同事業を開始致しました。同事務所との協力により日本における企業投資活動のより最適なサポートをご提供させていただきます。